Visual Roof Inspection

A visual roof inspection is just that- a visual inspection of your roof. A registered roofing contractor will walk over the entire roof to look at, photograph, and note areas of concern on a roof sketch or if one is available – a roof plan. Experienced contractors will be able to evaluate the roofs deficiencies and note the less obvious areas that could possibly cause future problems. With areas like that, you will be advised that a follow up and maintenance may be required.

After a visual inspection is performed a report is provided to you with recommendations on if, where and how your roof should be repaired. The roof plan or sketch can be included in the report to advise where and how often the deficiencies occur. If requested we will develop a specific corrective action plan for your roof ensuring it is at a serviceable warranty compliant state.

Periodic visual inspections and proper repairs made to deficient conditions can greatly increase the service life of any roofing system. The cost of a visual roof inspection compared to the cost to replace a roof, or a portion of it prematurely, proves an inspection to be a wise investment.

What could be missing in a visual inspection?

  • There are a few limitations of having just a visual inspection alone including the obvious fact that it is only what the eye can see. Many problems occur beneath the roofs surface and in a visual inspection, it will go unnoticed.
  • In a visual inspection there are no samples taken. You do have the option to have intrusive testing done on your roof which means a core cut would be taken and analyzed to provide you with the full composition of your roofing system.
  • To see more than what the eye can see a good and reliable option is an infrared scan or thermal roof scan. A roof scan allows you to see what the eye cannot. The scan allows you to see pixel-for-pixel accuracy of any moisture damage and uses both digital and infrared imaging so that you can see the source and path of any moisture in your roof. When done by experienced roofing professionals, an infrared scan is infinitely more precise than just a visual inspection.

Visual roof inspections or roof inspections in general should be done a few times per year on a commercial roof. There are factors that increase or decrease this number such as:

  • The amount of equipment on your roof
  • If the equipment on your roof needs to be serviced often this could result in roof damage if care isn’t taken
  • Frequent storms to check for debris, damage or pooling
  • Previous signs of deterioration
  • The age of the roof is important in the amount of repair needed
  • Extended weather extremes - extremely wet, extremely hot, large ongoing amounts of snow

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