Industrial Commercial Roof Maintenance

How Preventative Roofing Maintenance Plus Can Work For You!

Combining years of expertise in commercial roofing applications, roofing consulting, nuclear and thermal leak detection and repairs, Intra Green Roofing Systems Inc. is introducing a new approach to preventative roofing maintenance:

Preventative Roof Maintenance Plus.

Scheduled visual and infrared roof inspections, roofing maintenance work and minor flat roof repairs can prolong the life of a sound roofing system. This can also result in major savings associated with repairs to damaged interiors, production equipment, costs associated with paying for emergency repairs and prematurely replacing your flat roof.

roofing maintenanceIt's important to remember that over 90% of roof leaks and premature system failures occur at the roof details: walls, metal edges, flashings, protrusions, sheet laps, drains, etc... Proper identification and elimination of problems on a timely basis can circumvent a roof replacement and significantly extend the life expectancy of your flat roof.

As most leaks are a result of small-scale failures this approach allows us to spot the problem before it has a chance to rain on your parade.


  • A thorough 21-point Visual roof Inspection as well as Infrared Scanning.
  • An assessment of the Condition of: Roofing Membrane; Flashing; Caulking; Insulation; Sealants; Expansion Joints; Skylights; Ventilation; Drainage Conditions; Previous Problem Areas;
  • Written Report identifying any and all deficiencies and recommendations
  • Thermo grams (Still Infrared Photos) of all Damages
  • Marking of Any Damaged Areas Directly on the Roof in a way as to be clear to roofing professionals of your choice or our experts at
  • We will provide you with a scope of work, a written estimate which will allow for proper budgeting for implementation of all necessary repairs or entire flat roof replacement.,

Warrantied Services:

All work by our staff is guaranteed and regular check-ups are included in our commercial post roofing maintenance plans as our way of standing behind our work – 100%. We look forward to securing long-term relationships with our clientele based off the principles of satisfaction, service and quality workmanship.

Things you should do…

An out of sight, out of mind attitude toward your roofing systems is dangerous. It's also poor asset management. Too many owners and managers have been burned by premature roof failure. When water starts entering the building, hard assets, corporate profits and maintenance personnel start taking a beating.

  • Use life-cycle costing to assure maximum roof life.
  • Adapt a pro-active roof maintenance protocol.
  • Perform semi-annual roof inspections and repairs.
  • Budget a minimum amount, per year for preventative maintenance (beginning in first year).
  • Budget a minimum amount, per year for more extensive remedial restoration
  • Track all collateral building damage and incidental costs associated with leaking roofs.
  • Show management how past collateral damage costs exceed the cost of implementing a roof maintenance and management program..

So don't wait - start now:

Begin your roof maintenance program today. We recommend that you inspect commercial roofs semi-annually.

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