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What You Need to Know About Commercial Roofing Contractors Insurance

Before finalizing any contract to repair or replace your commercial flat roof, please keep the following words in mind. Commercial Roofing Contractors Insurance is important. Regardless of if they are performing an aerial scan, a thermal scan, or an ir scan. The Roofing Contractor needs to have insurance well in excess of the job that he is bidding for in order to cover his behind in case something goes wrong. No one ever wants things to go wrong but then again you must always expect the unexpected. Therefore, always check to see if your roofing contractor has enough coverage to cover all damages to your business and third parties.

Some unprofessional roofing consultants will try to fence the responsibility telling the property owner it should be their responsibility to acquire adequate insurance. However, a proper industrial roofing contractor will have adequate insurance and proof thereof. Toronto commercial roofing companies should have both liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

Workers compensation is important for the client because without it a worker can seek damages from both the company and many times the property owner themselves. If a worker is injured on the job it is the company's responsibility to pay for his missed wages, recovery and medical bills incurred. A potentially astronomical amount given the high risk environment many Toronto commercial roofers face. Not to mention commercial roofing companies in Toronto are legally obligated to insure their worker's safety by law.

General Liability insurance covers the ir scan roofing company against litigation if bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury to a third party while working on the job. Make sure that you are hiring a Toronto commercial roof company that can protect itself from accidents that may occur during day to day operations.

Although roofing or a simple ir scan may not seem like insurance is required, it is. A roofer should expect the unexpected and always engage in the safest practices. Any roofer venturing onto your roof in Ontario must have WSIB coverage to protect themselves and your business.

A proper roofing contractor will be happy to disclose this information, and it is a good indicator of the company's professionalism. One does not want information withheld from a client, and any company that tries to circumvent such a menial request can be scratched off the candidate's list. Honest is the best policy, a prosaic phrase often forgotten in most contractors’ agendas but, if they try to mislead you now, who knows what else they will omit.


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