Infrared Roof Scan Inspection

An infrared infrared roof scan takes a traditional roof inspection or estimate to an entirely new level. It provides you with accuracy that could never be achieved using traditional roofing methods.

ir scanUsing FLUKE brand Infrared Imaging Technology our roof inspectors can climb atop your roof and image subsurface moisture. This translates into the reality that a infrared scan can allow you to see what your eyes just literally cannot.

A common roofing issue arises when there is a leak but the moisture that is causing the leak cannot be seen because it is located between layers of your roof. Subsurface moisture can lead to damaging mould, insect and animal entry, leaks, and ultimately lost productivity and damage to important company assets.Request an Estimate for an infrared roof or IR scan

An infrared scan inspection allows us to visually see and track the path of your roofs moisture from its origin to its manifest - we eliminate your roof problem with no guesswork involved. will perform an IR scan on many types of flat commercial roofs in Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA. When scheduling an infrared scan we will take into consideration the time of day we perform your scan and the expected weather in the days leading up to your scheduled infrared scan to ensure the conditions are optimal and your results are accurate. Find out more about how an infrared roof scan or IR scan works.

If you have been having repeated issues with your commercial flat roof, an infrared scan is the ideal solution because this shows that there is something being missed by the human eye that an IR scan will not miss.

There are a few variations of an infrared scan so invested in and trained to use only the best and proven. FLUKE imaging technology allows us to not only see the problem but we can provide you with the problems source, but also visual documents and pictures so that you understand what is occurring on your roof.

This leading-edge technology will permit you to see pixel-for-pixel accuracy of any moisture damage and the extent of the damage. This technology uses digital images as well as infrared imaging so that you can see the moisture and you can see exactly where that moisture is located. There are never any mystery thermal patches. With this technology you are 100% certain of the exact location of any moisture because you can literally see it digitally. uses technology and experienced roof technicians to provide services that are so reliable we offer warrantied services. We can easily stand behind our commercial roofing work because we know that we are utilizing infrared roof scanning technology and experience.

Traditional roof inspectors may have the experience close to staff but they lack the specialization in technology and modern strategies. They do not know the exact places to locate and properly repair your roofing problem. In contrast, many roofing contractors are far too willing to recommend a full roof replacement when it may not be necessary. will clearly and honestly advise and provide supporting documentation on your commercial flat roof once they have performed an infrared scan. More often than not, only patch repairs need to be done, but they must be done in the right areas and with quality work to be a complete and lasting solution. That is what you receive with, a complete and lasting solution to your roofing problems.


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