Industrial Flat Roof Replacement

Do You Need A Full Flat Roof Replacement?

Installing an inexpensive, low quality roof will initially cost your company less to install but a cheap roof will also have a short life expectancy. Even with ongoing maintenance you can expect a low quality roof to last 10 years, which is not acceptable or cost effective. The best alternative: a reasonably priced high quality warranted flat roof replacement that will last.

Replacing your flat roof will generally be your last resort. You have completely finished the life expectancy of your roof, helped it along with repairs but it’s not lasting anymore. Ask yourself a few simple stratightforward questions:

Is your roof having regular leaks?

Is your roof leaking after every rain or snow?

Are the costs of roof repairs rising?

Is customer or staff safety becoming a concern?

Would you like to increase the value of your company property?

Even if you are asking these questions due to the state of your roof, it does not mean your roof is on its last legs. An infrared scan by a can determine the extent of your flat roof damage and tell you for certain if a replacement is your only option.

What types of industrial flat roof replacement can we do?

Roof has experience a wide variety of roof types but we specialize in Built-Up (tar and gravel), Modified Bitumen (asphalt with modifiers), EPDM (synthetic rubber) and PVC (rubber-like plastic). If you are not certain of the type of industrial roof you have, we can tell you!

Consider these advantages of industrial roof replacement before you choose to try and wait it out for another wet season or worse, disregard the problem in the hope of it going away. The main issue is that once problems begin showing up in industrial flat roof, it can be difficult to keep everything in tip top running condition especially if you did not have a maintenance program implemented.

Preventative maintenance plans can be included for new roofs we install. On a fixed schedule and as needed we visually inspect and use infrared scanning echnology to scan and check the roof for damage, leaks, or soft spots to ensure the lifespan of the roof is at its maximum.

Your industrial roof protects not only people but equipment, machinery, inventory, etc. so when choosing a flat roof contractor, choose Roof Contact us today for a free estimate.


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