Common Flat Roof Problems

You know there is a leak in your flat roof but you don't know how it got there?

A flat roof makes the most sense in a commercial or industrial building. The most obvious benefit being when compared to a sloped roof, a flat roof is much easier to walk on and inspect. Of course a flat roof inspection should not just be visual; an infrared or thermal scan should flat roof leakbe performed for the most accurate results. A flat roof inspection should also be done with just as much caution as one would use on a sloped roof inspection.

Flat roofs also offer more stability and horizontal surface that sloped roofs do and allow for longer spans as needed in commercial or industrial buildings. Another benefit of a flat roof is that they are often a bit less expensive to re-coat and install when compared to sloped roofs. Of course commercial flat roofs do require regular maintenance to help maintain their quality and prevent leaks.

All industrial flat roofs are different due to the way they were installed and the many different types of flat roofs that are available. This limitless variety means there are limitless ways a roof leak or roof problem can arise... or rather downpour!

A few common commercial roofing issues:

A common flat roof problem results from standing water. This can occur if it rains and the rain does not drain or evaporate fast enough. The ideal time would be within 72 hours. If this happens continuously the rain can begin to deteriorate your flat roof and a leak could eventually occur.

Most roofing issues that occur have something to do with water including roof blisters. Roof blisters are usually bumps or raised areas on your roof which is a result of the roof membrane detaching from the layer below. This generally occurs from moisture penetrating in between layers.

Depending on the weather in your area your industrial roof could endure more stress from the flat roof being exposed to repeated cycles of heating and cooling. Adjacent roofing panels will push against each other and form ridges which could crack or separate and eventually, let moisture in. Cracked caulking and seals could also occur as well which is why regular maintenance is essential to spot dried or cracked seals.

Another rather ignored commercial roofing issue could be old repairs. If these are not checked or approved or done properly or too frequently, this could also result in a roof leak or overall damage.

One of the less commonly known or talked about flat roof problem is fungus. If moisture is able to build up fungus can grow and eventually push the roof layers away from each other. With regular roof maintenance or roof scanning, this can be avoided.roof leaking floor sign

Let us not ignore that we are a company that operates out of Canada so we are well aware of the weather that can occur and the damage it can do to an industrial roof. Consider the heavy snow and the rain that can make your roof start to sag in places which puts pressure on certain parts of your roof which can create tears in your roof and eventually lead to water damage. IF poor weather persists snow and ice can block drains, vents and gutters creating unwanted ponds.

All of these flat roof issues can result in serious damage to your inventory, investments, personnel, furnishings, flooring etc. These issues are preventable by having quality roof maintenance done on a scheduled basis.

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