Benefits of IR Scans

Benefits of Infrared Roofing Inspections and Hiring Roofing Consultants

No human being has the ability to peer in-between roofing layers to detect subsurface moisture but now it is possible with the technology. Only a few commercial roofing contractors invest in this technology although it is an important asset to a professional flat roof repair right the first time. An infrared roof inspection can mean the difference between a flat roof repair and a full flat roof replacement potentially saving you thousands if not millions (depending on the area of flat roof) on your flat roof repair bill.

Most commercial roofing contractors still rely on years of built up knowledge when it comes to their approach of detecting leaks. They recognize subtle clues as to where moisture is most likely to penetrate, and where it would spread. This knowledge is essential and irreplaceable, but it is undoubtedly inefficient and now incomplete. The advent of infrared imaging technology, and and infrared scanning and its sequential improvements- infrared scanners have become a useful asset in the roofing industry. Now, good commercial flat roofing contractors offer infrared roof inspections – a way to see sub-surface moisture many times in areas that cosmetically appear sound. This sees the roofing contractor’s role shifted to that of roofing consultants.

Roofing consultants use their infrared cameras to look for hot spots on your commercial flat roof. Areas of moisture-laden insulation or water heat and cool at a slower rate than surrounding material. Thus, they have a different temperature when the roof is heating and cooling and can be spotted with an infrared roofing inspection. This affords the commercial roofing contractor surgical precision when handling flat roof repairs – targeting the areas that need replacing and leaving sound areas intact.As the roles of roofing contractors shift, infrared scanning capabilities have allowed for high validity and reliability in measurements.

This does not mean you do not have to re-roof ever again, but it does mean that you never have to re-roof the areas that are still structurally intact ever again. This cuts down on flat roof repair costs, and eliminates tonnes of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. Infrared roof inspections are therefore, indispensable industrial roofing applications where one is dealing with large surface areas. The technology will eventually become universally adopted and seen as indispensable, it is only a matter of time, but meanwhile one should be careful of picking and choosing a commercial roofing contractor who embraces change and can provide this money and environment saving bonus.


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